Circle of Friends Adult Day Health Care offers a wide range of different activities and tailored to customer needs services.

The Circle of Friends Adult Day Care may be the perfect fit for families who wish to keep their aging loved ones at home, but their loved one needs additional socialization, support, and/or supervision during the day.

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    Nursing care

    Circle of Friends nursing staff ensures that every participant receives his/her prescribed medications; observes responses to medications to monitor its effects; and consults with physicians, as needed, for any questions or concerns. Our Nurse Practitioner, Registered and  Licensed Practical Nurses  help oversee the provision of personal care and supportive services provided by specially trained staff, while also providing the daily medical care participants need, including:

    • Care for dementia-related illnesses
    • Nursing assessments of physical and mental status
    • Diabetes and other chronic conditions management
    • Center multi-disciplinary team of professionals works together to develop a customized care plan for each participant.
      To provide each person with the care and service best suited to him/her, this customized plan of care includes input from the participant, the family, caregivers, and the physician

    Nutrition meals

    Getting together with friends to enjoy some good food and conversation can give life to an otherwise bleak existence.
    Our nutritional services meet each participant’s needs beyond general low sodium, low fat recommendations. We accommodate medical requirements and food allergies, as well as tastes. We encourage our participants to improve their diets and learn to make better nutritional choices.

    We believe meals should not only be good for our members, but they also provide an opportunity to make them feel at home. Nutritious, balanced meal plans are developed by a Registered Dietitian and these meals include full hot breakfast, hot lunch from our partner restaurant Lanjeron and snacks throughout the day.

    Meals can accommodate:

    • Regular and special needs diet
    • Restricted Diets
    • Ground meals
    • Soft diets
    • Feeding assistance by trained nursing staff
    • Special arrangements to meet participant preferences
    Nutrition meals Circle of Friends Adult Day Health Care

    Activity Programming

    Staying active is one of our passions here at Circle of Friends. We create a feeling of belonging to a community, increasing verbal ability and participant’s mobility.
    Our people oriented Activity Assistants enthusiastically support clients through recreation programs. We have a wide variety of activities and outings designed to appeal to every type of client.

    Cognitive programs utilize working memory from the past and help maintain skills. Large group and small group activities rely on reminiscing, retrieving information from long-term memory. Cognitive programs are weaved into active games which allow all participants to participate and be successful. Our programs include: Learning Circle of Friends, Trivia Lover Group, Brain Teasers, Table Games, and Card Players Group.

    Cognitive Programs for seniors

    Creative programs promote imagination through self-expression. Opportunities are provided to express emotions, thoughts, and feelings that the participant may otherwise be unable to express. These activities promote engagement and self-worth, while group programs allow socialization and opportunity for success. Our programs include: Art & Craft Therapy, Creative Art Club, Creative Writing, Talent Shows, and Floral Lovers Club.

    Expressive Programs for Seniors

    Our morning starts with Fitness Fun Exercise Program. Physical programs aim to maintain and improve strength, flexibility, balance and movement. All physical programs are designed to maintain or increase function while potentially decreasing depression. Our programs include: Fitness Fun & Face Yoga, Chair Ballet,  Dancing Marathon, Walking Group, Asian Exercise Club, and individual work-out in our Gym Room.

    The socialization programs are designed to increase positive relationships with others, provide opportunities to express emotions, decrease depression and increase social interactions. These activities include: Open Mind Discussion Groups, Pet Therapy, Birthday Celebrations, Entertainer Shows, Community Outings, Country Rides, Shopping and Park Trips.

    Sensory programming as with all activity programming meet the needs and interests of our clients. We are getting an active response from participants, such as engaging passive or apathetic individuals or calming those who are agitated. Using all of the senses and discussing what each object reminds the resident of and sharing their memories is the goal of the program. The programs include: Aromatherapy, Music Memory Lane, Cooking Club,  Paraffin and Massage Therapy, and Pancake Baking Days.

    We offer specifically designed individual programs for our clients with Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, stroke, brain injury, developmental disability and other conditions.

    Our CNA, Program Aides, Licensed Practical and Registered Nurses take care to measure vital signs, as well as provide medication administration and close monitoring of diabetic, hypertensive, asthmatic and brain injured participants. For participants with life-threatening conditions, we develop emergency “action plans” with the participant’s physician and all care staff at the ADHC are trained to follow each individual plan.

    We value the skills and talents of each participant and promote volunteer participant-led groups. Regardless of illness or injury, each participant has a special interest at which they not only excel, but are also happy to share and present to others. Our participants lead groups in singing, puzzle-building, playing billiards, learning computer and more. In their supervised leadership efforts, our participants develop or regain feelings of self-worth and confidence that in turn contribute to improved outcomes in learning new self-care skills or their general feeling of well-being and acceptance of their illness or health limitations.

    Our monthly Activity Program includes birthday and karaoke parties, speaker presentations and performer shows – live bands, opera singers, celebrity impersonators as well as trips to a variety of venues, from the Horse farm and parks, to libraries, shops and museums.

    Multi-lingual staff

    Our experienced and dedicated staff is rigorously trained and certified for specific physical challenges, caring behavior management techniques and intensive personal care assistance. They serve participants with respect, honesty and a positive attitude. Our Staff speak several languages besides English, including Korean, Spanish and Russian. Our clients and staff members feel validated and considered important no matter their differences.


    Assistance with Personal Care

    Assistance with personal hygiene and assistance with toileting and bathing are provided. The center is equipped with a walk-in shower. Our Program Aids also provide hands-on assistance with daily living activities, such as eating, transferring, positioning and mobility.


    Transportation service

    Included in our service is Mercy Fleet company transportation service that is available for clients transportation to and from the facility. Drivers are certified by Red Cross in the First Aid/CPR/AED. Mercy Group is taking safety of our clients seriously. The company wheelchair-accessible vans are an ideal solution for daily travel, as well as for trips & excursions during the day.


    Who Pays?

    Adult Day Health Care is considered a long term care solution and like most long term care situations, Medicaid is a primary payer.
    Individuals who are either financially or clinically ineligible for Medical Assistance (MA) Long-Term Services and Supports can apply for  Pennsylvania’s Options Program.  We also accept private payments form individuals that are eligible to attend.
    Contact us today so that we may assist you in identifying appropriate funding options.

    COVID-19. How we are keeping you safe

    • We understand you may be concerned about re-engaging in social activities at this time. With the implementation of new policies at Circle of Friends ADHC and approval of reopening plan by PADSA, we are pleased to assure you that our COVID-19 response includes rigorous procedures to protect those in our care:
    • Three –step screening of all participants and staff members COVID-19 symptoms is completed:


    1. Before getting on the bus driving to the center;
    2. Upon arrival to the center, before entering the premises;
    3. Afternoon wellness check;
    • The Mold, Bacteria and Virus-Killing UV and PCO Air Purifier Systems have been installed in the building. Extensive cleaning processes are in place across all areas of our facility.
    • Participants/Staff members with symptoms will be transferred to the established holding area until transportation is arranged for them. Primary physician will be notified, medical appointment will be scheduled if needed.
    • High Risk participants with serious underlying medical conditions are identified to address required changes in their services through the Individual Plan of Care.
    • All staff, patients and visitors are required to wear a mask or face covering at all times. .
    • To help maintain six feet distance between participants and staff, our facilities will employ floor placemats, directional diagrams and other flow management measures, as needed.

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    COVID-19 Home Delivered Meals Service

    Due to challenges caused by COVID-19 many seniors are in critical need of free food. To keep older adults safe, Circle of Friends ADHC provides home delivered meal services offering several meal options: lunch, dinner, and special dairy meals.